Secure Payment
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Is my transaction secure?

Every on-line transaction made within is transmitted across the Internet using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This industry standard method ensures that information sent from your browser is scrambled whilst in transit and decoded when it arrives on our server. You are far safer using your credit card within  than you are in a restaurant or a local store .

We do not share your credit card numbers to third party corp.
We take the issue of security very seriously and have taken every step possible to protect you.

Do you use a Secure Payment Sistem? uses secure payment systems and is fraud protected by means of the most enhanced information control and protection methods existing. is a Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode Participating Merchant. This unique services from Visa and MasterCard give you added safety when you buy online.Learn more by clicking on "" Verified By Visa"" logo below.

All the information related to your credit card pass through the SSL strong encription at 128 bit Geotrust certified;
in this way, the informations we receive, can"t be intercepted by third parties and are used only for the order transaction.
For further informations about the Geotrust certification you can clik on the Geotrust banner present on all the pages.
When is my credit card debited?
Your card will normally be debited when the goods are dispatched. An authorisation takes place when you make your order, this simply guarantees that the funds are available on your card and that payment will be made to the merchant. This authorisation remains valid for ten days.

When the goods are dispatched, the order management system will debit funds from your account overnight directly into the trader"s account.
What happens if my card authorisation fails?

If the authorisation fails, the most likely explanation is that you have typed your card details incorrectly. If this happens, press the back button on your browser and you will be back in the card input page. Check if all the details are correct, and make any changes necessary before proceeding once more.

If all the details are correct then we would advise you to contact the card issuer to check for any reason why your card was not authorised. The trader will receive your order anyway and may contact you to arrange for alternative methods of payment.



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